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We are proud to present our premier cocktail- The Shack Pearl. A generous pour of our own Shack blend, shaken with fresh ingredients and topped with some fizz. The Shack crew can promise you they taste as good as they sound. Find yourself a Devon sunset, shake up a Shack Pearl, and enjoy.

Making Cocktails


Oyster Shack Gin

50ml - A generous pour of our craft spirit.

Soda Water or Tonic

To taste - who doesn't love a few bubbles?

Elderflower Cordial

25ml - For a sweet and floral splash.

Samphire and Lemon

A sprig of rock samphire and sliced lemon to garnish.

Fresh Lemon Juice

25ml - Gives the pearl a citrus zing.

Chilled Tumbler

Filled with ice - try out one of our Oyster Shack Gin crystal tumblers.


Step 1 

Pour your Oyster Shack Gin, elderflower cordial, and fresh lemon juice into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice. Shake well for 30 seconds, throw some bartender tricks in there! (If you don't have a shaker, stir well with a bar spoon).

Step 2

Add ice to your Shack Gin tumbler, and strain over the mixed spirit. Now fill to taste with a splash of local soda water (tonic works great too). Stir it up.

Step 3

Gently glaze the rim with your lemon slice, before adding it with the samphire to the cocktail. Now take a sip and thank us later!

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