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A Little Bit ABout US

We produce premium, small-batch, and most importantly great tasting Gin on the South West Devon Coast. We first distilled the recipe in 2019, using botanicals found on the banks of the Avon Estuary to create a wonderfully balanced Sprit. We are proud to say we continue to take inspiration in abundance from the wonderful coastal landscape surrounding us.

Gin, A little shack, and tonic

30 years ago, The Oyster Shack Restaurant was founded. Its ethos was to serve the finest, freshest seafood- always sourcing ingredients found in the local area.


The Shack crew wanted to take this core ethos of great local flavors and with it, create a delicious bottle of gin. The perfect pour to enjoy with a dash of local tonic, on the rocks, or as one of our signature cocktails.


​The crew is proud to present this perfected blend; a fantastically smooth take on a London dry, with deep notes of citrus and coastal botanicals.


Proudly Distilled

Expertly distilled in partnership with Devon Distillery, we have truly perfected our unique recipe. Small batch distillation allows us to ensure every drop of every bottle is as exceptional as the last.


Our gin is inspired by the wide array of incredible botanicals and ingredients that the South Devon coast offers- the original recipe being crafted with ingredients foraged from the bank of the Avon estuary itself!


You don't get much more local than that.

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