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A unique small batch gin, distilled from local foraged ingredients.


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 How we distilled over thirty years of culinary excellence into the perfect spirit

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Learn how to make our signature cocktail, the perfect summer beverage

THE Shack blend 

A recipe 30 years in the making, with 3 years of refinement. We have strived to create the perfect blend of botanicals to bring to our customers. Using a delicious foundation of a London dry style, while adding samphire, pink peppercorn, seabeet, and other ingredients to make a wonderfully refined spirit.

Not only great with a splash of your favourite mixer, our gin is also tailored to those who drink it on the rocks. We wanted to make a gin that can be enjoyed however you like it - the perfect pour. We recommend a garnish of fresh lemon and samphire to tease out the aromas and flavors in the Shack blend.

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 Oyster shack 
Gin Launch party
Friday 3rd JUNE 2022

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